Spiritual Healing

The body is made of millions of energy points, that our aura fields take effect from other peoples controlled movement of touch. Simply by moving the hands over the affected area of the body moves the energies around & removes what is known as blockages from the body. This blockages cause all of us health problems & it is important we work through our everyday issues so we do not create a blockage that causes ill health.

Spiritual healing is a hands on movement, the energy is channelled through my hands to the affected area’s, helping to remove negative & unwanted energies, helping to be in a more healthier place within yourself.
Spiritual healing is one of the best forms of energy clearing & by having this treatment can help to remove & unblock the areas in which you are suffering.  I do detect & see with psychic visions the problems in the areas of your body that may well be blocked causing health issues.

There are those of us who suffer with constant pains in our joints or bones, that really do get us down. But with the added extra help of hands on healing you can start to benefit from less pain & more comfort. The more you allow me to enter your energy field the better your healing sessions will be.

I first start by clearing your outer energy field, this removes any negative or stress energies that you may be carrying around with you & believe it or not upon these first stages many people have felt the intense heat rush around their face or body. Always remember that if have not been to a healing sessions before, then please go to them with an open mind & say to your self that this is perfect for me. This will give you better results.

When working with you during your session, I will always have the room prepared ready. I begin by clearing the room energies using chimes. I light the correct candles as candles are also for burning up negative energies. I have a massage table that is also prepared & ready for you to use. You lie on the bed (fully clothed) on your back, arms by your side & I will help you to get in a relaxed state of mind. I play soft music in the background & as I move around the body I remain silent, but upon sensing anything I will explain what I am feeling & can see within you & around you.

These are all one hour sessions & should be booked for at least a couple if sessions to get the full benefits. This service must be by booking only & will take place at my home, unless you cannot get to me because of disabilities, if this is the case there will be an extra charge for travel expenses.


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