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Spiritual Healing

The body is made of millions of energy points, that our aura fields take effect from other peoples controlled movement of touch. Simply by moving the hands over the affected area of the body moves the energies around & removes what is known as blockages from the body. This blockages cause all of us health problems & it is important we work through our everyday issues so we do not create a blockage that causes ill health.

Spiritual healing is a hands on movement, the energy is channelled through my hands to the affected area’s, helping to remove negative & unwanted energies, helping to be in a more healthier place within yourself.
Spiritual healing is one of the best forms of energy clearing & by having this treatment can help to remove & unblock the areas in which you are suffering.  I do detect & see with psychic visions the problems in the areas of your body that may well be blocked causing health issues.

There are those of us who suffer with constant pains in our joints or bones, that really do get us down. But with the added extra help of hands on healing you can start to benefit from less pain & more comfort. The more you allow me to enter your energy field the better your healing sessions will be.

I first start by clearing your outer energy field, this removes any negative or stress energies that you may be carrying around with you & believe it or not upon these first stages many people have felt the intense heat rush around their face or body. Always remember that if have not been to a healing sessions before, then please go to them with an open mind & say to your self that this is perfect for me. This will give you better results.

When working with you during your session, I will always have the room prepared ready. I begin by clearing the room energies using chimes. I light the correct candles as candles are also for burning up negative energies. I have a massage table that is also prepared & ready for you to use. You lie on the bed (fully clothed) on your back, arms by your side & I will help you to get in a relaxed state of mind. I play soft music in the background & as I move around the body I remain silent, but upon sensing anything I will explain what I am feeling & can see within you & around you.

These are all one hour sessions & should be booked for at least a couple if sessions to get the full benefits. This service must be by booking only & will take place at my home, unless you cannot get to me because of disabilities, if this is the case there will be an extra charge for travel expenses.


Angels in our life

We all have at least one angel walking side by side with us throughout our life, but not everyone realises it. They are walking with us when we need guidance, all we have to do, to listen to them is tap into their energy. I mean have you ever asked yourself something and then found yourself answering your own question, or a thought/idea just popped into your head regarding the question you asked, this is your angel guide trying to guide you on the right path, I know this to be true as I have done this myself on many occasions, let me explain …Between 2008 & 2010 I had to relive part of my childhood which took me on a path I didn’t want to be on, was crying all the time, was on brink on having a nervous breakdown, I felt my life totally going nowhere & didn’t know what to do or where to go, was sat there questioning my life …. was this my life? …..always reliving my past? This was when I first starting wishing my life would be different, I had been through my life hearing and sensing spirits since i was a small child, I knew there was something more, than the heartache and suffering of reliving child abuse,  so I turned to my beliefs and started asking what next, I sat there one night crying and shouted out what do you want from me, I just want a friend, a friend who is into everything that I am, who I can talk to,  I have never had that in my life, throughout my life I have to deal with skeptics, my father, sister & brother didn’t believe in what I believed in, my mum saw spirits but we never really spoke about it, because of my father,  so I had always kept it to myself. Well I had been looking through the internet looking for answers, then I came across this network, I signed up and just put a little comment  on there, asking for help, I have never in my life felt that low, then I got a message from a psychic who gave me my first ever reading , I read through this reading and burst out crying, the past year or so was in this reading from a man I had never met who seemed to know my life, since then we have become very good friends, I asked for a friend with same interest as me, and this is what I got, we now share a flat and are best friends, a lot of things started happening  at that point in my life, thoughts coming into my mind, outside voices, they were not my own, voices from my guides/Angels is what I fully believed they was, they was helping me, then a couple of days later all I kept hearing in my head was to move away,  I have three lovely children, who are adults now and knew that they wouldn’t want to move with me, but still these voices kept saying to move away, so I sat down, spoke to my family about it, they weren’t happy about it, but these words was so strong, I couldn’t think of anything else, I had a full time job working for a big worldwide company, these voices again saying give your notice in, you will soon find another job, after listening to these voices for a couple of months, I decided to go with it and see what happened, a few days before I moved away, I was led in bed, my daughter sharing same bed as me, I woke up at 3:30am to the most amazing thing I had ever saw in my life, must of been 8/9 feet tall but it was shimmering, different colours, reds, yellows, greens, blue was like glitter, i felt a huge amount of peace at that point,  I saw him walk of towards the window and at that point I must of fallen asleep. Well I was telling my daughter about experience I had the morning after, she looked at me and said “mum, I saw the same figure at 3am, I was amazed, this to me was confirmation that I was doing the right thing,  so I  gave my notice in for my house & my job and moved away, didn’t move far away at first, wanted to make sure my three kids would be ok by themselves, but after about nine months felt that they could cope and again started questioning where I was, I tell you what, I have never witnessed so much happening at once in my life, tv programmes was popping up almost one after another about East Sussex, so I took that as another sign, moved to East Sussex (always wanted to move down south for some reason). I love it here, then I started to look for work, even me getting the job I did when I first moved here  was kind of bizarre, I sent application form to this care home, knowing that I had never done this work before and thinking I didn’t stand a chance of getting it, I had got myself another interview working in call centre, (didn’t really want this job, but it was a job) the night before was speaking to my Angel guide saying that I really wanted the care job, if I’m going to get it please show me a sign. The day after I got on the bus to go to interview and this elderly gentleman started talking to me, asking about my accent, as i’m from Northwest so I sound a bit different to people here, we got talking about jobs, he started talking about care work, he gave me his wifes telephone number saying to ring her, as she is manager of a care home. So I got to the interview on time  for the call centre job, after the interview I was told I was unsuccessful & didn’t get the job,  I got home and a couple of days later I got a letter in the post saying about my interview in care home, I went to the interview, at the end of the interview I was told the job was mine, which was the first job i had applied for after moving here. I know without a doubt that all this guidance and help is coming from my  Angel/ Guide. I still get their help today, they are there always, no matter what the situation.

If I didn’t listen or take notice of the sign’s I don’t know where I would of been now. The only reason I have told you all this, is simply that if you start to take notice of the signs you too will notice the guidance that your Angels are trying to give you. The signs could be anything from white feathers floating in front of you or just coming from no where, to signs on bus stops and even TV programmes, if you open your mind you will start seeing signs everywhere.

Now my life couldn’t be better I love helping & guiding people through their life situations with the help of my guides (Angels) and one day i hope to have my own healing centre, so I  can help people remove their negative blockages and have a more happier & healthier life. I believe this to be my life path, I feel it with all of my heart, I’m very intune with my guides and energies, so please check out my website & if you live in East Sussex area & are in need of spiritual healing now or in the future let me know.


We all dream, but do we have the rite to make our dreams become our reality ? do we have the rite to have happiness in our life? do we have the rite to follow our hearts?
well the answer to all these question’s is YES, without a doubt, we are the creator of our imagination, we are the creator of our life, if couldn’t dream, how boring would our life be..
The next question is how do we make our dreams our reality, and the answer to this question is simply, follow your heart & listen to your intuition, these are thoughts which give the answers to your everyday questions, if only we knew how to listen to ourselves.
By Taking notice of these thoughts could bring a new lease of life to you. All the answers are rite there, just waiting for you to take notice of them.. Go on quieten your mind, ask yourself a question, then listen for the answer.
Our dreams might be for a better career, for the perfect partner or whatever it is, but go on tell the universe what you want, feel it,say it, dare to believe it, take all the chances to get it, you will get it without a doubt as you believe in you. You deserve to be who or what you want, this is your life. This is your dream. so Live & Love your dreams.

Messages from our Angels

i feel the need to tell you that we all need to let go of all past hurts. we all need to heal ourselves, we are here on this planet at this time to help mother earth and all who live here to ascend too a place of pure love, take away all doubt that you are not loved, you are loved more than you could possibly know. Its time to follow your own dreams, its time to open yourself up to the possibilities that are all around. Its time for you to shine. When we take down all barriers, that we have put around ourselves, we become free, we become one with ourselves and one with the universe, than we all can spread the love. We can teach others what we have learned, your wisdom is what is needed at this time, so go on spread the word of LOVE. Believe in yourself.
Some times things happen which we are not expecting, the loss of a loved one is one of the hardest things to go through, but i just want to say, they never truely leave us, their love is with us in our hearts & memories forever. They walk beside you every second of the day, for they too are beacons of LOVE.

I feel humbled and very privileged to be able to work with Angels.
I hope that you can take what ever you need from this message with Angelic Love & Blessings from our Angels …… lots of Love Mandy